• Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Blue

    Trust in technology as door to the future
  • Green

    Stable growth and development
  • Yellow

    Future of hope and joy
  • Purple

    Creation and innovation with passion
ICW2020 (ICT Cyber World 2020)
Nov.4. 2020~ , Regular online exhibition
Ministry of Science and ICT
An integrated platform for non-face-to-face environmental export support to Korea ICT companies that are facing challenges in overseas exports post COVID-19
(KAIT) Korea association for ICT promotion,
(NIPA) National IT Industry Promotion Agency,
(IITP) Institute of Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation,
(MOBIA) Korea Mobile Internet Business Association,
(KOTRA) Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency,
(KCA) Korea Communications Agency,
(TTA) Telecommunications Technology Association,
(NIA) National Information Society Agency,
(KOVA) Korea Venture Business Association,
(KISIA) Korea Information Security Industry Association,
(RAPA) Korea Radio Promotion Association,
(KANI) Korea Association of Network Industries,
(3DPRO) 3D Printing Research Organization
Exhibit items
Ai, Big DATA, Cloud, 5G, Network, IoT, Mobility, Autonomous Driving ,Information Protection Finance, Smart Content, AR/VR, Digital Health, Smart Home Appliance, Smart City, Drone Robotics
The emblem of ICT Cyber World represents harmony and future through Information and Communications Technology.
The four circles, meaning trust (blue), growth (green), hope (yellow), and creation (red purple), come together as a representation of harmony between science and technology, cooperation and exchange among different countries. Shining stars stand for the future of Information and Communications Technology speckled with success and challenges.