Terms of Use
Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of these Terms of Service is to prescribe matters concerning the conditions and procedures of using the Internet homepage service (hereinafter referred to as the "service") provided by the Ministry of Science and ICT (hereinafter referred to as the "agency") in accordance with the Telecommunications Business Act and its Enforcement Decree, and the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the agency and users.
Article 2 (Effect and revision of the Terms of Service)
These Terms shall become effective by announcing through the website or notifying users by e-mail or other means after completing the public notice procedures pursuant to Article 31 of the Telecommunications Business Act and Article 21.2 of the Enforcement Rules of the same Act.
The agency may revise these Terms without prior notice, and the revised Terms shall be notified in the manner prescribed in Article 9. If the member does not agree to the revised Terms, he/she may cancel (withdraw) his/her membership registration, and in case of continued use, he/she shall be deemed to agree to the revision of the Terms. The revised Terms will take effect at the same time as the notice.
Article 3 (Rules other than the Terms of Service)
Matters not specified in these Terms shall be governed by the Framework Act on Telecommunications, the Telecommunications Business Act, and other relevant laws.
Article 4 (Definitions of Terms)
Terms used in these Terms of Service are defined as follows:
  1. Users: refer to business members and general members who receive services provided by the agency under these Terms.
  2. E-mail: refers to mail via the Internet.
  3. Termination: refers to an indication of the intention of the agency or members to terminate the service contract after using the service.
  4. Homepage: refers to a virtual service space that the agency has set up for users to view and use using information and communication equipment such as computers to provide services to users.
Article 5 (Providing and Changing Services)
  1. The services provided by the agency are as follows:
    1. Promotion contents of companies
    2. Information on products sold by companies
    3. Various information provided by the agency
    4. Customer counseling service
  2. The agency may add or change the content of services, if necessary.
Article 6 (Suspension of Services)
  1. The agency may temporarily suspend service provision in the event of maintenance inspection/replacement and breakdowns of information and communication facilities such as computers, or communication disruptions, etc.
  2. In the event of suspension of services under paragraph 1, users shall be notified by the method specified in Article 9.
  3. The company shall not compensate the users or third parties for damages caused by temporary suspension of service provision due to the reasons referred to in paragraph 1. However, this is not the case if the agency has intentional or gross negligence.
Article 7 (Notification to Users)
  1. In the event that the agency notifies a user, the agency can notify via the e-mail address submitted by the user or mobile phone text message, etc.
  2. In the event of notification to an unspecified number of users, the agency may substitute individual notification by posting it on the service bulletin board for 1 week or more.
Article 8 (Protection of Personal Information)
  1. The agency collects the minimum amount of information the company needs when collecting user information. The following matters are required and other matters are optional.
    1. Name
    2. E-mail
    3. Address
    4. Phone number
  2. When the company collects personal information that can personally identify the users, it must obtain their consent.
  3. The personal information provided cannot be provided to a third party without the user's consent, and the agency is fully responsible for it. Exceptions are made in the following cases:
    1. In the event that information is provided in a form not identifying a specific company or individual as necessary for statistical preparation, academic research, or market research;
    2. In the event of a request from a state agency in accordance with the relevant laws;
    3. In the event that there is an investigative purpose for a crime or that there is a request from the Information and Communication Ethics Committee;
    4. In the event of a request in accordance with the procedures prescribed by other relevant laws
  4. Users can view their personal information the agency has and correct it at any time.
  5. A third party who has received personal information from the agency shall destroy the personal information without delay when it achieves the purpose of receiving personal information.
Article 9 (Duties of the Agency)
  1. The agency shall make every effort to ensure that it continues to provide services in a continuous and stable manner, as provided by these Terms.
  2. The agency shall make every effort to maintain/repair service-related facilities in an operational state at all times and to repair/recover them without delay in the event of a failure.
  3. The agency shall have a security system for the protection of users' personal information so that users can use the service safely.
  4. The agency shall not send commercial e-mail that users do not want.
Article 10 (Duties of Users)
  1. Users shall comply with the relevant laws, the provisions of these Terms and the company's notifications, such as the instructions for use and precautions, and shall not interfere with the company's business.
  2. Users are not allowed to engage in any profit-making activities using the service without prior consent from the company.
  3. Users cannot copy, duplicate, change, translate, publish or broadcast information obtained using the service without prior consent from the company or provide it to others.
  4. Users shall change their personal information immediately when any change occurs. The member shall be responsible for all consequences of not modifying the member information.
  5. Users shall not perform any of the following acts in connection with the service use, and the member shall be responsible for all consequences of the following actions.
    1. The act of obtaining the e-mail address of another user and sending spam mail;
    2. The act of aimed at criminal activities or related to other criminal acts;
    3. The act of harming good customs and other social order;
    4. The act of defaming or insulting the agency and others;
    5. The act of violating the intellectual property rights of the agency and others;
    6. The act of hacking or distributing computer viruses;
    7. The act of continuously transmitting certain contents, such as advertisement information, against the will of others;
    8. All acts that may interfere with or hinder the stable operation of the service;
    9. The act of changing the contents of the service provided by the company;
    10. Other acts in violation of the relevant laws.
Article 11 (Deletion of Posts)
  1. The agency may delete any post without prior notice if the post in the service posted or registered by users violates the provisions of Article 13 or falls under any of the following:
    1. Contents that slander other users or third parties or damage their reputation;
    2. Contents that violate public order or customs;
    3. Contents that are deemed to be related to criminal behavior;
    4. Contents that violate copyrights and other rights of third parties;
    5. Contents that may interfere with or affect the stable operation of the service;
    6. Contents criticizing or spreading false rumors about the company without any evidence or confirmation process;
    7. Other contents deemed to be violated in accordance with relevant laws
    The following exception shall be made for the reader bulletin board.
    For data with large capacity, the number of uploaded posts shall be limited, and when the number is exceeded, posts can be deleted in the order from the oldest for smooth operation of the server.
  2. The agency may delete any post without prior notice if the post in the service posted or registered by users violates the provisions of Article 13 or links information deemed to fall under each subparagraph of paragraph 1 of this Article.
Article 12 (Rights/Obligations regarding Posts)
All rights and responsibilities, including copyright to the posts, belong to the users who posted them.
Article 13 (Relationship between a linking "homepage" and a linked "homepage")
  1. If a high-rank "homepage" and a low-rank "homepage" are linked by hyperlinks (e.g., the subject of a hyperlink contains characters, pictures, and videos, etc.), the former is referred to as a linking "homepage" and the latter as a linked "homepage (website").
  2. The linking "homepage" shall not be liable for any transactions made with the users by goods/services provided independently by the linked "homepage"
Article 14 (Attribution of Copyrights and Restriction on Use)
  1. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights to the works produced by the agency belong to the agency.
  2. Users shall not use the information obtained by using the service for commercial purposes by means of copy, transmission, publication or broadcast, etc. nor have a third party use it without prior consent from the agency.
Article 15 (Prohibition of Transfer)
Users shall not transfer or donate the right to use the service or other service contract status to another person, and shall not provide it as collateral.
Article 16 (Damage)
The agency shall not take responsibility for any damages incurred to the users in connection with the services provided free of charge, except in the case of serious negligence of the agency.
Article 17 (Exemption/Compensation)
  1. The agency shall not assume any responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of information, data, facts, etc. posted on the service. The users shall use the service under their responsibility, and shall be fully responsible for any damages caused by the data posted or transmitted using the service, or any disadvantages incurred in connection with the selection of data or other use of the service.
  2. The agency shall not assume any responsibility in connection with the transaction of goods, etc. via the service among users or between users and third parties in violation of the Article 13, nor shall it assume any responsibility for the benefits expected by users in connection with the use of the service.
  3. In the event that the company assumes responsibility for users or third parties due to a user violating Article 13 or other provisions of these Terms, which causes damage to the agency, the user who has violated these Terms shall compensate the agency for all damages and indemnify the agency from the damages.
Article 18 (Dispute Settlement)
  1. The agency and users shall make every effort necessary to smoothly resolve disputes arising from the service.
  2. Notwithstanding the paragraph 1, if a lawsuit is filed due to the dispute, the Seoul District Court shall have jurisdiction over the case.
  3. The lawsuit shall be governed by the laws of Republic of Korea.
Article 19 (Others)
For matters not specified in these Terms, users are advised to contact the person in charge.
Supplementary Clause
These Terms shall enter into force on October 15, 2020.